Barnens Turistbyrå (STF) – Concept & website

Barnens Turistbyrå – Website

CLIENT: Barnens Turistbyrå (BTB), part of Svenska Turistföreningen (Roughly translated: Swedish Tourist Association)
OBJECTIVE: The objective was to come up with a concept for BTB, who wanted to create a land where kids can find fun activities to partake in. We actually started in the wrong end, due to the website deadline being shorter than the illustration deadline. So, I first designed the website and meanwhile kept in mind what kind of illustrative world I would want incorporated later on. Once the website was done and the client was satisfied, we sat down to invent a storyline, characters and a fictional world, which would later be incorporated into the design of the website. Complicated, I know. The illustrator and animator in our team (not me), were the ones who brought our illustrative ideas to reality, while I made sure it would fit in and work well with the website I had designed.
ROLE IN PROJECT: Art director and designer
PROGRAMS USED: Photoshop, Illustrator
CLIENT WEBSITE: barnensturistbyrå.se

Made at Reform Society.