Pfizer / BRO campaign – Graphic identity & website

Pfizer – Metastasis campaign

CLIENT: BRO – Bröstcancerföreningarnas Riksorganisation/National organization for breast cancer associations (Sponsored by Pfizer)

OBJECTIVE: Come up with a campaign concept for BRO, to create awareness for distant metastasis, breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body. Basically the client wants to clarify the difference between “regular” breast cancer and distant metastasis, as the latter is (obviously) much more serious, and sadly has very few survivors compared to “regular” breast cancer.

My task was to create a whole new identity and website for this campaign, and my only directive was that the concept should center around the breast cancer patients stories. I was creatively free as the identity didn’t need to resemble BRO’s existing identity in any way. When in comes to the website though, I didn’t have as much creative freedom. I was restricted to creating a “basic” website, with no flashy stuff that takes too long too code, simply because the coder wasn’t given much time to do the coding-work.


ROLE IN PROJECT: Art Director, Designer
PROGRAMS USED: Illustrator, Photoshop


Made at Reform Act.

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