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Metropol Palais – Graphic identity
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Client: Metropol Palais
Role in project: Conceptualisation & design

Made at Wolfgang.

About the client:
The theatre Metropol Palais was built in 1927 to give the people of Stockholm a beautiful and hospitable meeting place, which in those days housed an ultramodern cinema way beyond its time. During the inauguration, the blockbuster film “Don Juan” was shown, the first ever talking movie picture of that time. It was reported by all the major newspapers around the world.

After being closed to the public for many years, the venue has now undergone an extensive renovation programme and invites guests to come and enjoy a relaxed lifestyle with French overtones. It has a Cocktail bar, Brasserie and a Salon for celebrations, mingling and meeting.

Thoughts on concept and design of graphic identity:
Designing a brand new identity for a beautiful, old venue such as Metropol Palais meant a chance for us to preserve some of the pompousness of the old theatre, all the while loading the trademark with fresh and new values. The premises feels old-fashioned, but has been spruced up with modern technology and several pieces of modern furniture. It’s a mind-blowing mix of old and new. And so began the challenge of designing a graphic identity that would hold throughout the entire p(a)lace: bar, brasserie and salon!

The emblem:
The soft and stylish round emblem was a remake of Metropol Palais’ old logo. We stripped it of it’s tired calligraphy-feel and gave it a modern and more vectorized look- but without the harshness that one might expect from a vector logo. We went minimalistic, but elegant and reminiscent of the showbiz-air that Metropol Palais must once upon a time have had.

The cocktail bar:
Leather- and lots of it. Because what gives an old bar feel more than brown leather does? Nothing, in my opinion. But to spice up what might otherwise have become a very cliché attempt at retro bar, we added quite a few touches. One of the main things that added a touch of modern to retro was the choice of typefaces, all in some way reminiscent of the 20’s.

The leather coasters and tags, the drink recipe books and the leather bound menu- these were all completely custom made for Metropol Palais. My personal inspiration when designing the identity for Metropol Palais, but specifically for the bar, was the Pixar movie Ratatouille.

The brasserie:
Black, sleek, and with touches of gold. In other words, a traditionally classy look. For the brasserie we really wanted a more serious and sophisticated feel than we were going for with the bar. We created many lovelies for the brasserie, but despite the seriousness of the black and gold we managed to get some playfulness into the branding through illustrations in the brasserie food menu, font variation, and matchboxes which were decorated with the bar illustrations.

My personal favourite of our creations for Metropol Palais is the business card- which just screams all the things we want the visitors to think: Sophistication, luxury, playfulness and retro-spectacular!