PTK campaign – Concept & identity


Client: PTK – a negotiations and collaboration council
What: Concept and graphic identity – on a “sketch”/first draft-level
Role in project: Art director and designer

PTK is a collaborative organisation for Swedish unions, with 26 unions as members. Their mission is to improve working conditions and increase safety on the job market, for those working in the private sector.

The campaign which I worked on was titled “Framåteffekten”, which roughly translated means The Forward Effect. The point of this campaign was to create a sort of package that new employees at any company with a union agreement would receive. This package would mainly consist of informative material, aiming to simplify the agreement and what it entails.

The project was brought to us by PTK, they wanted us to sketch on a graphic identity before they in turn would pitch the idea to their 26 members. The idea and identity is still being pitched, and as you can imagine it’ll be a long process.

PTK brings together 26 unions, and the unions in turn bring together millions of companies, employers and employees in a common labor agreement. This was one of the things I factored in when sketching ideas for this campaign. I wanted that to a common denominator in all parts of the identity. This is most clear in the symbol of the logotype, which is reminiscent of a chain link, and the pattern, which is intertwined into a sort of complex cogwheel system.

Made while employed at Reform Society.