Save the Children – #Fearless concept & design

Save the Children Sweden – Fearless campaign
Save the Children Sweden – Fearless campaign digital ads
Save the Children Sweden – Fearless campaign digital ads
Save the Children Sweden – Fearless campaign part 3

Client: Save the Children Sweden
Role in project: Art director, Designer

Made while employed at Reform Society.

Birth of the #Fearless (‘Orädd’) campaign

In 2016, Swedish politicians and Swedes in general were becoming quite apathetic to the refugee crisis. Disaster in the third world had become everyday news, people were understandably getting quite cynical and feeling like there was nothing they could do to help. However, Save the Children Sweden wanted to remind the people that there are ways they can help. To remind them to be fearless and stand up for the children, regardless of what other people may think. And so, the #fearless (‘orädd’) campaign was born. The feeling we wanted to instill upon the people with this campaign was a feeling of identification. A “We can do this!”- spirit and a belief that the individual can make a difference. That they are not alone in standing up for the Children.

The manifesto was as follows: “We will continue our fight. We must be as brave as the children who flee. And when politicians turn away. We must be #fearless”

It was this wish to communicate ‘togetherness’ and fearlessness that led to the final mosaic concept. The idea was to use a sign-up website to collect data and profile pictures from people connecting via Facebook, and to then use those profile pictures as building blocks in what would later become the mosaic ad campaign, where the image of a young girl is built up of many small pictures of people who have signed up under the manifesto.

The mosaic not only created a powerful image which showed how many individuals can create something greater than themselves, it also allowed people who chose to sign up to see a more direct effect of their voice being heard. This is usually harder to see immediately when donating money or standing up for an organisation, the effects may not immediately be so clear. But by signing up in this campaign, the signers got a form of instant gratification. They could see their profile picture become a part of the huge mosaic live on the sign up web, and later on a lucky couple of thousand could see their faces in the printed and digital ads.

In the end, thousands of people participated in the photo wall pledge and literally became the face of the campaign that we took to the streets. The people that signed up and showed their support for the campaign were not only featured in the mosaic, but they also became valuable leads for Save the Children, that they could later attempt to convert to long term donators and supporters.

The concept and creative part of the campaign reached over 4 million people on social media, and our digital lead generation work engaged more than 80,000 new people in the campaign – all strongly aligned with Save the Children’s work. With the leads gathered from the Fearless campaign, Save the Children Sweden went on to see their next campaign (Christmas) become the most profitable one in their history.

Design and execution of concept

After I suggest several concepts, the mosaic one was by far everyones favourite. I went on to design the campaign website, the printed ads and the banners, and I art directed the digital motion ads. The motion ads were then put together by an external supplier according to my storyboard and format-specific Photoshop sketches.

Photographs of the outdoor digital ads we created (shown in presentation above) belong to Visual Art.